Boutique   4x29"  Sold

Music 5x5  sold

Tea  4x4


Clocks  12x12 

Artist Supply 6x6

Candy  4x24 

Anime 6x6  sold

Travel  4x24

Boots  5x5

Ice Cream  4x24

Fish  4x24

Lingerie 5x20

Gloves  4x4

Shoes  4x24

Tobacco 6x6  sold

Sneakers  5x5

Shelter 5x20"

I was inspired to use “Main Street” as the title of this series as it reflects my vision as a place of energy and peaceful coexistence. Historically, the phrase 'Main Street' described a gathering place in a village or small town as the focal point for local commerce. I love that 'Main Street' most often references coming together to shop, dine and socialize.  I  loved creating these lovely streets where  people come together. Each piece is named for a neighborhood shoppe.